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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)


Valcour CAD/RMS™ provides fully functional CAD interface as part of its core product at no additional cost. Valcour™ supports flexible dispatch, self-dispatch, silent dispatch and shared dispatch. To support different Dispatcher data entry preferences, Valcour™ provides both a text-based Command Line Interface as well as a menu-driven interface.
Each call is automatically given a sequential incident number based on agency settings. Calls can be canceled by checking a box on the initial call screen. Even when canceled, the call is tracked with number and can be counted statistically, or altered, dispatched, etc., at any time in the future. (more)

Records Management System (RMS)


The Valcour CAD/RMS™ tracks all incidents from the initial call to the final resolution of the case, including accidents, arrests, bookings, citations, warrants, protection orders and other key data. Reports, interviews, briefing summaries, etc. are integrated into the product. All information in Valcour™ (depending on the role of the user) is available to officers in the field. Valcour™’s data-centric design focuses on two main goals: to reduce the time spent on paperwork and to improve data integrity. This data-centric design, backed up with our real-time data sharing, eliminates the need to enter the same information several times. It makes the data that is entered immediately available to the appropriate personnel within an Agency or group of Agencies (in the case of a multi-jurisdictional deployment). Data entered from the office, the field or a vehicle is uploaded in real-time and is available to all. (more)



Valcour CAD/RMS™ runs on any display with sufficient resolution and internet access providing complete Mobile access as part of the core product. As a web-based application Valcour™ makes the most of an agency’s current (and planned) technology investment by enabling each agency to mix and match between MDTs and newer devices such as tablets. Valcour™ is centrally administered so updates take a matter of minutes, system-wide (no more installing updates on each desktop or cruiser). It is currently in use by 30 agencies in all their mobile units, running on Windows MDTs and on iPads in the vehicles. Mapping is integrated into the System. All printers in vehicles with the appropriate Windows drivers are supported for Ticket and Citation printing. (more)



Valcour CAD/RMS™ provides many pre-designed Crystal™ reports as well as custom HTML5 reports for Agency analytics. Output in both Excel and PDF formats are supported. Valcour™ also supports mandatory report types such as Clery and NIBRS. All NIBRS data is collected directly from an incident and once all appropriate information is filled out, the officer can go into the Reports Tab in the dashboard and generate a NIBRS Report. To streamline the NIBRS reporting process, any errors are flagged prior to approval by supervisor. (more)

CAD/RMS in the Cloud


The availability of CJIS-Compliant Cloud Hosting provides smaller agencies to the ability to maintain modern CAD/RMS systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional CAD/RMS systems.
-No upfront hardware or software costs
-No IT overhead
-Instant software updates
-Security and Compliance with FBI/CJIS Requirements

Real-Time Data Sharing

Real-Time Data Sharing

Valcour was designed to allow agencies to build information and operational capacity without building complexity; to easily expand into a multiagency deployment, allowing agencies to not only share information and data, but to also share experience, technical resources, and best practices. Valcour’s flexible design allows it to support a breadth of different operational charters operating within a single real-time, information sharing deployment. Each agency can set up Valcour to support their workflow, policies and procedures.

Want to know how much Valcour™ can save you? Take a look at our Price List:

Price List

There are a few ways to look at the cost of any CAD/RMS system, but the most practical way is to look at your total cost of ownership. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considers not only the purchase price, but more importantly–how much it costs your Agency to maintain the system year after year.

Initial cost

  • cost of initial purchase
  • cost of Add-on modules
  • cost of training

Year-over-year costs

  • cost of support/maintenance contract
  • cost of specialized CAD/RMS support required
  • cost of Add-on modules support contract and refresher training
Judy Dunn

Valcour™ and PSAPs

Lieutenant Judy Dunn manages Dispatch services at St Albans Police Department Dispatch Services (PSAP).

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Mike Driscoll

Valcour™ and NIBRS

Mike Driscoll is a Records Clerk and a Valcour CAD/RMS™ Trainer at Burlington, VT Police Department.

User Story about NIBRS

Jon Namdar

Valcour™ Roll Out

Jonathan Namdar is a Detective at the South Burlington Police Department and a Valcour™ Mentor.

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