Move your Agency’s CAD/RMS to the Cloud in four easy steps:

Step 1:
Is your Agency ready for a Cloud-based CAD/RMS?
  • Check your Agency internet speed speed by going to from any machine on your network and click on “Begin Test.” Your download speed should be at least 5MBS, and your upload speed should be at least 1MBS.
  • Make sure your target devices (desktops, laptop, tablets) are all running Chrome or Firefox and have minimum resolution of 1024 x 768.
  • Make sure your vehicles/mobile users have at least 4G on their cellular data service.
Step 2:
What do you need from a new CAD/RMS?
  • Take stock of your current agency operations and goals to see what CAD/RMS functionality you need.
  • Let us know  what your agency requirements are by filling out the form below.  We will contact you to set up a consultation and a Valcour demo based on your operating environment and desired workflow.
Step 3:
Rollout process
  • Decide how your agency wishes to access legacy data from your current CAD/RMS system.
  • Meet with our Go Live Team for to plan installation, set-up and training
Step 4: Go Live!

Get started with a personalized consultation and demo