Valcour is designed to meet both core CAD/RMS requirements as well as address the different operating requirements for Campus, Municipal, County and State agencies.

Valcour is provided as a web-based Software As A Service (SaaS), this includes Software, Support, Maintenance and Hosting Services—there is no onsite Agency server hardware required. In addition to standard CAD/RMS functionality, agencies can choose optional modules to address their operating needs which provides flexibility and cost effectiveness.

​Software Services - Core
Valcour CAD/RMS Core: In addition to standard CAD/RMS functionality, Valcour Core also includes 2-factor authentication, NIBRS,Property tracking and a Report Builder for custom reports.
Software Services – Optional Modules
Automatic Location (AVL/AOL) for iPhones: Using integrated Google mapping, locate personnel and equipment in real time.
Chat: Chat allows you to securely share sensitive information about Calls for Service. Agency can set regular expiration for Chat communication records for a predetermined amount of time.
Scheduled Reports: Allows you to automatically generate and send any custom report to any email list at the time, date and interval desired.
Use of Force: Allows agencies to track the application of force used by their officers within an incident as well as to report out on Use of Force.
Violations: Ability to track specific violations as well as print warnings and parking violations.
E-Ticket & Warning Frame: Designed for sworn departments who are interested in tracking State motor vehicle violations and need to issue/print both warnings and e-citations in the field.
Mobile: Designed for sworn departments, Valcour Mobile provides both off-line and on-line connectivity for officers needing access from within their vehicles.
Support Services
Support During business hours: Direct support contact with CrossWind via Designated Contacts is offered at no charge between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm ET. Calls from non-Designated Contacts will be charged at After-hours support rate.
After-hours Support: Direct after-hours telephone support between 8:00pm and 8:00am ET will be charged at the then current hourly rate.